David Edwards’ research and publications

Many of David Edwards’ publications are available in full text through the Rhodes University Library Digital Commons or from his ResearchGate page

His most recent publication (2022): Using Schema Modes for Case Conceptualization in Schema Therapy: An Applied Clinical Approach. Frontiers in Psychology, 12 Click to go to this open access article.

A short practitioner articles on working with schemas:

Edwards, D. J. A. (2014). Schemas in clinical practice: What they are and how we can change them.  Independent Practitioner, 34 (1), 10-13.

Two short articles from the Schema Therapy Bulletin:

Edwards, D. J. A. (2015, May). Self Pity/Victim: A surrender schema modeSchema Therapy Bulletin, 1 (1), 3-6.

Edwards, D. J. A. (2019, October). From surface structure to deep structure in working experientially with schema
modes. Schema Therapy Bulletin, 9-14.

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David Edwards’ early work on integrating experiential work with imagery into cognitive therapy began while is he as a post-doctoral fellow at the Centre for Cognitive Therapy at University of Pennsylvania in 1984-5 where he studied with Aaron Beck and attended seminars with Jeffrey Young.

This gave rise to two publications:

Another article published at this period tackled the challenges of integrating phenomenological/experiential perspectives with cognitive therapy.

Edwards, D. J. A. (1990). Cognitive-behavioral and existential-phenomenological approaches to therapy: Complementary or conflicting paradigms. Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy, 4, 107-123.

More recently he has written on the history of imagery methods in psychotherapy in a journal article and in an invited chapter:

Several publications are based on his research on the treatment of trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder, much of it in collaboration with his clinical students.

These include several articles and two book chapters:



He has focused on the use of case studies in clinical research and he and several of his students and collaborators have published case studies:

His interest in unconscious psychological processes and how they can be tackled in psychotherapy is reflected in a book he co-authored and two articles

Edwards, D. J. A. & Jacobs, M. D. (2003). Conscious and unconscious (in the series: Core concepts in therapy). McGraw Hill/Open University Press.

Edwards, D. J. A. (2003). Mythic and theoretic aspects of the concept of ‘the unconscious’ in popular and psychological discourse. Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology, 3

Edwards, D. J. A. (2005). Unconscious influences on discourses about consciousness: Ideology, state-specific science and unformulated experience. Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology, 5 (1)